Our Mission

Our mission is to provide state of the art medical care in a pleasant and comfortable environment, with courtesy and attention to your individual needs. We emphasize patient service and communication. We provide comprehensive healthcare for your hormonal needs and work in close collaboration with your primary care physician.

We are a Micropractice

Utilizing high technology, state of the art electronic health records, my solo practice at Comprehensive Endocrinology is capable of providing safe, effective, patient-centered, efficient, and timely care. It is an attempt to optimize the smallest unit capable of delivering excellent care - the solo doctor.  

Rather than running a large operation on the healthcare treadmill, keeping up with costs by being forced to see more and more patients for less and less time, this model allows the doctor to regain the magic of being a doctor once again resulting in better care of his or her patients.  Both doctors and patients win.  For me, the choice is obvious: keeping my practice small makes for a better experience all around.

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